Fuller’s Bengal Lancer – The Beer of the Weekend

Fullers Bengal Lancer This week’s Beer of the Weekend is Fuller’s Bengal Lancer, a classic IPA and a favourite bottled beer of many.

Lets first open up the can of worms that is IPA (Indian Pale Ale if you didn’t know), when one person talks about IPA they are are talking about a weaker light brown beer, lets get this straight – when I talk about IPA I am talking about a light, crisp and stronger beer full of hoppy flavour, Fuller’s Bengal Lancer is all these things.

At 5.3% Fuller’s Bengal Lancer is a typical IPA, it is just above sessionable but with the amount of flavour packed in this beer you won’t need many.

Fullers Bengal Lancer front label

After a nice hoppy nose the initial flavour is a crisp, fresh, palette cleansing taste with a pleasant amount of bubbles, this leads into the mid and end notes which are full on hops. If you do not like hoppy beer then this, and most likely IPAs in general, is not a beer for you. The taste of goldings hops lingers for just long enough without any nastly metallic or clingy aftertastes.

Fullers Bengal Lancer back labelFor many Fuller’s means London Pride, I would encourage any lover of London Pride to try a few of the other beers on offer. Most are easily available in bottles and they do not disappoint, but as with many beers they are even better when tried near the brewery – next time you are in London try visiting one of the many Fuller’s pubs, I am especially fond of the Mad Bishop & Bear which is conveniently situated in Paddington Station.

For more information on Fuller’s range of beers check out their website

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