The Beer of the Weekend: Wychwood Wychcraft

This week’s beer of the weekend is a favourite of mine and will appeal to those who like malty beer and hoppy beer alike, Wychwood Wychcraft.

It is common that people will associate a single beer with a brewery, London Pride with Fuller’s, 6X with Wadworth’s and in the case of Wychwood – Hobgoblin. Now I do like Hobgoblin beer, but I love Wychcraft, which makes it all the more a shame that less people seem to know about this beer.

The appeal of Wychcraft is the variation in the flavour as you drink it, it really does appeal to many different parts of the pallete and that is why I think this beer is deserving of a bit more praise. Do not be put off by this beer if you prefer bitter or malty beers as you are likely to still enjoy this one, and it would not hurt to try would it?

So the taste, the nose is a nice hoppy citrus, the initial flavours are clean and pallete cleaning slightly bubbly and a little sweet. This moves into a lightly malty middle with hints of honey and then a final hoppy end with none of the sharp bitterness found in the more strongly hopped beer.

This really is quite a thirst quenching beer, it is easy to drink and benefits from a light chill, making it an ideal sunny day beer or even dare I say it bbq beer. I have suggested Wychcraft to many friends and most have really liked it, only the most die hard of dark beer drinkers seem to not enjoy this beer but even they admit it isn’t bad.

I have never tried this beer off the pump, however as I prefer Hobgoblin from the bottle I would assume that this is at it’s best when served freshly from the bottle. Wychwood seem to make very good bottled beers and they do make good options for those looking for a realiable beer which is easily avialable from most supermarkets. There is also a mixed case option including some of the Wychwood classics and this includes Wychcraft.

If you are keen on this beer then I would recommend the other Wychwood beers, Hobgoblin has to be your starter really but King Goblin would be a good one to try and find. This beer is available in most supermarkets, also the mixed case is available in some high street wine merchants – or buy direct from the Wychwood website

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  • Mad_bulgarian

    I know and love this beer! A good review sir!

    • Bubblematrix

       Cheers, it is one I try to keep in the house as even the die hard lager drinkers seem to like it