Beerd Craft Beer Bar – Bristol

Beerd in Bristol is a Bath Ales craft beer bar, it is interesting to mix pizza and craft beer but does it work?

My second visit to Beerd and again the decor bothers me (a mix of Ikea style diner and distressed wood) it screams at me with the same problem that the concept has: Ikea furniture mixes badly with the worn “shabby chique” look in the same way that pizza clashes with beer.
As food and beer matching goes I am by no means an expert, however in my opinion there are relatively few beers which I would like to see with pizza. Maybe a nice hoppy IPA. The trouble is that although there are beers which will go with pizza, all beer does not – I would more readily go with wine and pizza.

Just some of the very confused decor of the Beerd Bar

Pizza aside, if taken as a place to drink beer then the range is pretty good (both bottled and on tap) in fact the bottled range would show up most pubs and bars.

Just one of the two large fridges containing Beerd’s bottled beer range

Even on tap, with 9 keg and 3 cask you have enough to not need to double up even once on a visit unless you want to.

I went to Beerd on a Saturday morning so it was empty, the barman was friendly and evidently knew his beer. The beer itself was well kept and served in a range of glasses suitable for the volume and style. Mentioning volume – Beerd serves third measures, a trend which I really do like in pubs, especially when stronger beers are on offer.

I tried the Grain – Tap Room Bitter, nice classic bitter (an oddity in a world of hoppy gold beers). Recommended to me was Ilkley – MJ Fortis, a good stout and a good recommendation. Finally I tried one of the extensive range of bottled beers – Goose Island – 312, smooth bubbly grapefruit tasting pale wheat beer.

Goose Island 312 – one of the beers I decided to try at Beerd

It has to be mentioned that Beerd is not the cheapest of bars (although the prices seem to have been reduced since my last visit), there are some beers which are wildly out on what I would pay, but for some of the less available beers I didn’t begrudge the slight mark up although I feel that others may.

Overall I would say that the bar side of Beerd is well worth a visit, if you are hungry then grab a pizza (they are good, but just not my preferred food with a beer) but it won’t be the major attractor to beer lovers. I will be making Beerd part of my drinking plans when I go out in Bristol if for no other reason than the chance to try some interesting well-served beers.

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