Bond reaches for a beer and misses

In a world where nothing is sacred, i.e. film production, things are liable to change. Often these changes are viewed as for the worst, the new James Bond is no stranger to change and people seem to like it but give him a beer and suddenly people start to get upset.

Now the press seem frustrated that the iconic Martini has been set aside for a beer, but I think a major point has been missed – he grabbed a Heineken!

Come on, the guy is not only a British spy, but he is supposed to have sophistication and style. Of all the beers available why would he ever be asking for a Heineken, especially by name (which I presume is the case as this is an undisguised advertisement), we won’t be able to tell until the film comes out but I am making an assumption here that he will not be asking the barman to “just give me a beer, not bothered by the taste mate”. Yes there are more tasteless and dull beers, that is for sure, but if I were a spy on expenses I would be reaching for something as interesting as it comes, “what’s your best beer barman?”.

Before anyone points out the painfully obvious, I know that this is just a bit of screen time for a big brand who is prepared to pay the money (there is apparently going to be an add campaign to go with it), but I wish Bond could have gone for something more… British.

It amuses me that looking at the image problems with binge drinking of high strength cider, the “lager lout” and the drunk with a bottle of cheap spirits we still seem to miss the constant opportunities to push real ale or at least real beer to the front of the media. Maybe it is the associations of old men with “brown beer” that cause the poor image, if anything the lost opportunity of bond sinking a pint of the brown stuff makes this even more disappointing.

I can’t see real ale promotion being on the top of the agenda for any film soon, unless the money is right, but it would certainly be nice to see. But for now we can at least relish in the fact that Bond appears to have taken a step closer in at least trying to reach for a beer – even if he missed the mark by a mile.

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