Brewdog Dead Pony Club – Beer of the Weekend

brewdog dead pony clubBrewdog Dead Pony club has just become very much more readily available as it is in a major chain supermarket. I had not tried this before and found that it was a very good beer, I think you will like it.

Brewdog beers are often limited edition, or very pricey so not that attractive to the average drinker. However their more common beers such as Punk IPA are really quite good and even better introduce the mass market to the ‘craft’ beer scene. When a new beer Dead Pony Club became readily available I decided that it would be one to try.

The nose is citrus with, grassy and pine notes. The initial taste is citrus orange and pithy lemon peel, this develops a bitter grapefruit flavour in the middle, then comes a slight malty sweetness washes away most of the bitter hoppyness but once it fades the end notes are of bitter orange peel.

Brewdog with their ability to totally overdo a beer, douse it in hops, hop it up to the eyeballs, stuff more hops in then add what seems to be the “wafer-thin mint” of hops, it is nice to try a Brewdog beer which seems to not have overdone the theme. Even better when the beer is readily available in a not to be mentioned chain supermarket. This is the kind of exposure to craft beer that Brewdog has the power to create – and it takes less risk of alienating people than some of the more extreme of Brewdog’s offerings.

Before I am accused of hypocrisy (not that it would bother me to be honest), I love hoppy beers, but I recognise that a pint of super hopped IPA which leaves your tongue dryer than it started before you drank a pint of the liquid is not everyone’s pint of beer. Introducing the hop flavours through a beer like Brewdog Dead Pony Club is the way to show off what hops can do without scaring off the average beer drinker.

brewdog dead pony club front labelI really like what has been achieved here, there is enough flavour to get me interested and yet the beer is going to appeal to a much larger audience than many hoppy beers. Between Brewdog Dead Pony Club and their Punk IPA  I think they cover the hoppy side of beers enough to get people not normally interested in craft beer looking around for what is next in their beer adventure. It would be nice to see a malty offering by Brewdog to complete the trio in major supermarkets, then I would take my hat off to them as they are actually making something of their claim to be bringing craft beer to the masses.

Now the trouble is that like all good underground bands/brewers Brewdog have become the one thing which makes the hardcore followers hate them – they are popular, mainstream and dare I say it commercial. Anyone decrying them for this needs a real life check, let’s get it straight there are very few brewers (and even less bands) out there who do not want to be successful, and even less who would turn down the ultimate opportunity to stick it to the man and prove the point that their beer is best by taking them on in the big commercial arena.

brewdog dead pony club back labelSo to get off the soapbox (well one foot I am sure) and back to this Beer of the Weekend, I am not only putting this one up as I really think this is a beer which you should try – but because it represents several important things I think beer tasting is about – it is a break from the norm for the brewery, it is readily available which means that in theory everyone could try it and like it and it should be an adventure for anyone who would normally stick to a single beer or style and not try new things.

So I reach out to you as a beer drinker this weekend – buy Brewdog Dead Pony Club, try it and if you like it then hand one on to someone who is less likely to go out of their way to try it, this a craft beer for the people and the people need to be told what is out there past the yellow tasteless canned crap they might be drinking at this moment.

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  • Saveur Bière

    Never Drunk it but Hardore IPA is my favorite beer !