Brewdog IPA is Dead series

Known for their off the wall brewing, Brewdog could often be accused of over-brewing, so their single hop series is a break from the norm for them – or a return to something more normal for the rest of us.

Basically Brewdog took the same list of starting ingredients, brewed up a beer of the same strength but kettle and dry hopped using four different hops to produce four different beers – each showcasing the qualities of the hop used.


Brewdog IPA is Dead Moteuka

This beer has a lovely citrus nose, the flavour is citrus with a slight grapefruityness, there is also a flavour something like bay leaves, this fades into an lemon end note
I really liked this beer and would go back for more, Motueka is a New Zealand hop, I will be looking out for this one as the citrus flavours and herbyness which it brings to the beer is very refreshing.


Brewdog IPA is Dead Challenger

The beer is fruity with a middle which tastes like plums, I don’t think it has much of an end flavour and it just fades.
Me and the other people trying this beer didn’t really think it was up to much, either the Challenger hops weren’t sufficient on their own, or there weren’t enough of them, we would not be reaching for another of these.


A much more malty nose on this one with some promises of fruit, there is a citrus start similar to the Motueka then a slight sweetness which gives way to an astringent grapefruit aftertaste with some orange flavour.
It was universally agreed that of the four this was the least appealing, not many even liked it, personally I think that the flavour although interesting needs tempering with another hop as on it’s own it is a bit unbalanced also the aftertaste is quite off putting


The nose on this was more floral than the others, the taste had early notes of orange – the orange persisted through the whole flavour with some lavendar in the middle and a pleasant orangy aftertaste.
I really liked this one, I am not sure if I would stay on it for an evening however I would enjoy a pint of this and would gladly seek it out again. I think that the particular flavours of this hop would make it lend well to strong and malty beers with the orange adding a fresh character and pleasant end.

Of the beers in the range our little tasting group could agree on their favorites, the order was something like:

Motueka > HBC > Challenger > Galaxy

Brewdog IPA is dead beer line upIt was quite interesting to taste the individual hop characters (not something I have had the chance to do before) and it gave me a better appreciation of how the hops drastically alter the resulting beer. If you get the chance then try these beers as they are all pretty good. Hopefully we will see something similar again in the future from Brewdog, if we do then I will be in the queue to try them.

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