Brewdog Zeitgeist

Brewdog zeitgeist black lagerBrewdog Zeitgeist is a black lager, I have had this bottle sitting waiting for the right moment to open. With the announcement that a Brewdog Bar should be opening in Bristol in the Autumn I thought that this was that moment.

My last few Brewdog beers have been a bit mixed, the IPA is Dead series were fantastic, but a few others which I have tried recently have not appealed to me. Brewdog Zeitgeist was one which I was looking forward to trying, as a black lager it offered the chance to see how Brewdog tackled the lager style but also to see how the flavour would balance on such a beer.

The nose includes caramel and a slight hoppy character. The initial bite of bitter hops parts for a malty middle with a sweet caramel edge, there is coffee and hint of plumb fruity. This parts to reveal a bitter hopped end which is quite well balanced with the middle flavours. There is a nice aftertaste of coffee which lingers on the tongue. Overall Zeitgeist has a thoroughly refreshing flavour which is enhanced by the well tuned level of carbonation.

Brewdog zeitgeist black lagerI really like Zeitgeist for it’s refreshing character, I could easily see me drinking this one cold after a hard days work. The style has both malt and hop character without either being overpowering. The aftertaste means that Brewdog Zeitgeist leaves you satisfied and refreshed and if it was the only beer you were going to be drinking you would not be disappointed.

Brewdog zeitgeist black lager back left labelI can’t say that I would normally go for something quite this fizzy, but in this beer it really works. The bubbles enhance the hop character and create a refreshing finish which might otherwise be a bit clawing. I am not sure if this is a result of the lagering process in this beer or is introduced by further design but it is something that I would seek out in similar beers.

Brewdog zeitgeist black lager back right labelI would recommend this beer to both fans of craft beer and those who enjoy a lager or continental style lager beer. Brewdog Zeitgeist may even be a good way to introduce a lager drinking friend to a darker and more interesting beer without giving them something too different to what they are used to.

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