Heineken Lager Beer review

As much as I hate to admit it, canned beer is still beer – even when it is “premium” lager beer. So When I saw that Bond had apparently put down his Martini to grab a Heineken it seemed my duty to review said beer.

I went into this one with an open mind, knowing that beer is only personal choice and armed with the knowledge that many people enjoy a can of lager in the evening I assumed that there must be something to this. That just maybe my memories of my university lager days were incorrect – that I had in fact been drinking an amber nectar and not simply the cheapest stuff I could buy in a bar that didn’t make me go blind. Sadly my mind quickly closed upon drinking my can of beer.

The colour and look of the Heineken is good, it is clean looking and has a nice amber hue to it, the nose is unpronounced with hints of grass and hops. The initial short citrus taste soon develops into a sweetness and a slightly flat tasting bitter end.

Yes this beer is thirst quenching, I will give it that, but at 5% it is not a weak beer and the flavour does not do justice to this much alcohol. I do have to stand by my assertion that Bond has got it wrong reaching for the Heineken, yes his thirst would be quenched but assuming he is after a fine taste then he will be disappointed.

This is not the worst lager beer I have had, however I would not go back for more (the other three cans will be foisted on some unsuspecting lager drinking guest in the future). That said I would also not criticise someone for liking this beer as refreshing pint (unlike some other mass produced lagers).

In conclusion, I guess I really am not a lager beer drinker, but I can appreciate the good qualities in an otherwise completely unremarkable beer, not one to avoid but I would not request it by name.

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