Joseph Holt Humdinger – Beer of the Weekend

joseph holt humdingerJoseph Holt Humdinger is this week’s Beer of the Weekend, another one of my go-to beers and one for the honey beer drinkers out there.

There are some beers which are those which you will fall back on when you are after a beer which you know you like and just want to enjoy and set the taste adventures on hold for the evening. Joseph Holt Humdinger is one of these beers for me. If you have read my reviews over the past few months you will know that I like honey beer and this beer is a good example of the style.

The nose is full of honey, the start is sweetness with sultanas, the middle has a slight maltyness to it with overtones of sticky treacle and toffee. The sweetness fades into a a lightly hopped end with no bitterness and a simple honey after-taste.

The simplicity of Joseph Holt Humdinger is it’s virtue, it is on the light gold and sweet end of the honey beers and will appeal to many who would not normally drink beers except for lager. This beer is in the list which I would offer to a lager drinker who was looking for something a bit different.

joseph holt humdinger front label

Comparing to Maplemoon  we see the interesting contrast of a sweet golden beer in Humdinger and one which tends more to the malty in Maplemoon. For those interested it is worth lining the two up and comparing them to pick up on the differences from two beers of essentially the same starting style of honey beers.

joseph holt humdinger back label

At 4.1%ABV Joseph Holt Humdinger is on the light side of honey beers, this combined with the sweet and less malty nature of the beer means that it is an ideal session beer. As with all honey beers I would serve this lightly chilled but of course not too cold or the flavours will be locked in.

Joseph Holt Humdinger is a widely available beer, if you are lucky enough to live near Manchester then you should check out the Joseph Holt website and find your nearest Joseph Holt pub and try some of their beers on tap.

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