Jubilee Beers: Castle Rock Diamond Reign

My Jubilee Beer today is in keeping with the Friday Session as it is a pale ale Castle Rock Diamond Reign.

The ingredients used to brew Diamond Reign are apparently gathered from throughout the comonwealth, considering how many countrys this encompasses that is not really a restriction. Castle Rock has brewed celebratory beers in the past in the form of Kiss me Kate for the Royal Wedding. Overall the look of the bottle is quite good for a Jubilee Beer, the red blue and gold is patriotic and both the diamond emblem and the name Diamond Reign work together for an overall good JUbilee feel.

This beer is a light straw colour with much carbonation leading to a large frothy head, the nose is slightly floral with hints of sweetness. This beer is bitter from the start, this then leads into a malty middle and ends in more bitter tangy hops.If you like your bitter hop taste then you will like this beer, interestingly and probably to the brewers credit Diamond Reign has none of the grapefruit flavours which are often present in bitter hoppy beers. This means that this beer will appeal to those who like bitter but are not quite so enamoured with the trend of new world hops to be highly astringent with heavy grapefruit flavours.

Bottle/name/Jubilee-ness: 8/10
Appearance: 5/10
Smell: 5/10
Taste: 7/10
Overall: 25/40

Check back over the weekend for more Jubilee beer reviews.

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