Jubilee Beers: Jubilation Co-operative Freeminer Brewery

Jubilation brewed for the Co-operative by the Freeminer Brewery is next in my lineup of beers celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Jubilation has taken the Jubilee theme head on with it’s name, the look of the bottle is good and I have to give credit that it doesn’t have “Co-op” pasted all over it. The decision to use British sourced ingredients is a good idea for the Jubilee beer theme, but it might be limiting on the actual beer flavours.

Color wise this beer is a bit uninspiring, but then again it is a pale ale. The nose has a large amount of caramel in it, the beer smells sweet and malty, the initial taste confirms the nose lightly sweet start quickly becomes a strong malty, biscuity middle, this weakens and there is the bitter tang of the Bramling Cross hops.

It is often easy to write off an own brand beer, and I was ready to lay into Jubilation – but it’s very nice. The middle biscuity malt flavour is superb, a testament to the quality of the ingredients in this celebratory beer. For a 4%ABV beer this really has some body to it. If I had one criticism it would be that it lacks the hop kick I would have really liked after that deep malty middle, but that would most likely have needed some new world hops and that in turn would have dropped the Best of British approach this beer is trying for.

I would definitely session Jubilation if given the chance, the malty middle gives it enough flavour and is quite moreish, however there aren’t any very strong or sticky flavours which would put me off further pints. Shame it is only in bottles and only for the Jubilee.

Bottle/name/Jubilee-ness: 5/10
Appearance: 5/10
Smell: 6/10
Taste: 8/10
Overall: 24/40

Check back tomorrow when we start on the stronger Jubilee Beers.


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