Kubla Rise: pale ale

kubla rise pale aleKubla brewery is a new one to me and quite local being in Somerset, I picked up their pale ale to see if I was missing out.

The nose is understated with a pleasant fruity hint, the initial flavour is a nice hop lead fruit flavour, quite tropical the beer is smooth with a slight bitter citrus tang just enough to give it a little bite but not the powerful grapefruit a lot of newer beers exhibit. The after-taste is an almost dry spiciness, very well balanced and moreish.

I like Kubla Rise: pale ale, it has the tropical fruit flavour of a heavily hopped beer but less of the astringent or bitter character which can often be off-putting. At 4.2%ABV it is nice and light for a new style pale ale, I would put this up against some of the better American pale ales or southern hemisphere beers.

kubla rise pale ale front label

No real details on what is in Rise: pale ale, I would be quite interested in finding out what hops were used as the flavour is pretty current as beers go, however it is nice to have them in a beer below 5% and still packed with flavour.

Overall, I will be going back for another of this, I could very easily see me having a session on Rise: pale ale if it were on tap in a pub or bar, and I could drink a good few more of these than the other new world hopped beers which are often a bit on the strong side. The smoothness is good, it is especially impressive as Rise: pale ale is still packed with interesting hop flavours.

kubla rise pale ale back label

Kubla brewery seems new, not much information is given on their site but they do seem to have a passion for interesting beer, Kubla Rise: pale ale is a good start for me and I think next time I see Kubla beers I will try them as my first experience was a good one. Definitely worth a try.

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