Marston’s Single Hop Goldings – Beer of the Weekend

Marstons Single Hop GoldingsThe Marston’s Single Hop Goldings is the latest in their single hop range, previously I tried one as part of my Jubilee Beers series and it was very good, hopefully this beer is just as impressive.

Single hop beers are often quite interesting, which seems contrary as they are minimised in the materials available to the brewer. They do however showcase the flavours of a single hop which means that for those interested in what flavours each hop brings to the beer single hop beers hold their own interest.

Goldings is a hop associated with British ales and usually imparts a slight spiciness to the beer. It is normally used as an aroma hop and used with other hops to define a beers character so to taste it on it’s own is interesting.

The nose is slight caramel and citrus bit very weak, the initial taste is unmistakeably goldings hops a slight citrus flavour. The middle is a nice caramel maltyness with a sweet honey like flavour. The end is more goldings hop flavours grassy and slight spiciness.

Marstons Single Hop Goldings front label

The decision to brew a beer with a traditional malty honey middle to compliment and back up the goldings hops is a good one. The beer is uncomplicated but that is to be expected from a single hop beer, but the flavour is clean and pleasant. At 4% and with no detracting after-tastes Marston’s Single Hop Goldings is a real sessonable beer, sadly I think it will be unlikely that I will get the chance to try this beer on tap and really give it a good try as a session beer – but if any brewers are reading this then try this beer as an example of what I would like to have in a session beer.

Marstons Single Hop Goldings back label

Marston’s Single Hop Goldings is currently available in supermarkets as with the other single hop beers from Martson’s it is a limited relase so get it while you can!


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  • Fury

    Comments aimed at any one in particular?

  • Rob Golding

    You say that Golding’s beer is in the supoermarkets but I see none listed by Asda or Tesco in London. Any clues? Rob

    • Admin

      Sadly at the time it was readily available, but as it turns out the beer was a limited brew (the single hops often are) you might be lucky and someone has saved one but sadly not likely.

      I will keep an eye out for other Golding’s single hops, might be I can point you in the direction of one.