Morrisons (Titanic) Hot Cross Ale

Sometimes you try a beer and as interesting as it is you just can’t find anything you like about it – it seems that Morrisons Hot Cross Ale is one of these beers.

This review has to be quite short and sweet – a bit like this beer’s flavour.

The nose is in all honesty like Haribo sweets, it has a thin sickly smell to it with a hint of cinnamon. The initial and only taste is something like cheap cola, this must be a cinnamon like flavour with a little maltiness – bu the taste is thin.

Overall this beer is a disappointment, I really did expect more, both from the Titanic Brewery who has brewed this for Morrisons and Morrisons themselves, the idea of an Easter beer laced with hot cross bun spiciness did actually sound interesting – but the lack of body completely defeated this beer, surely some malt would have been in keeping with the flavour. I feel that this beer has been very unadventurous, maybe it was not aged enough when it was bottled – but overall, I will not be going back for another.

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