Old Dairy Silver Top Cream Stout

old dairy brewery silver top cream stoutOld Dairy Silver Top is a cream stout, such a description instantly grabbed my attention as I love milk stout, but is cream stout the same?

Old Dairy is a brewery which I first came across just over a year ago at the Reading Beer Festival. We were drinking through the new brewers and found that we all really liked the Old Dairy Brewery beer. Just the other day I read a meet the brewer article over at Beer Reviews and it mentioned bottled beers – so I just had to buy some.

The beer which really drew my attention was the Old Dairy Silver Top, described as a cream stout I assumed that it would be from the milk stout style and maybe like one of my current favourite beers Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout. So was it?

old dairy brewery silver top cream stout front labelThe nose is slightly hoppy but mostly chocolate and roasted malts, the initial texture is smooth melting into a thick coffee middle, then comes some lightly roasted chocolate flavours, nothing overpowering then a fading smooth finish with a hint of sweetness. Well balanced and smooth in texture.

So Old Dairy Silver Top is less of a milk stout and more of a creamy and smooth regular stout. Although not what I had expected this beer was superb. The thick and creamy textures and balanced malts make this beer really delicious. As stouts go Old Dairy Silver Top is a really good example of how to make them creamy without being clawing or too sticky, the beer is both refreshing and moreish and the slight sweetness in the end notes attracts you back for more.old dairy brewery silver top cream stout back labelI really enjoyed this beer and it reminded me of the flavoursome nature of the beers that the Old Dairy Brewery produce, definitely one I would recommend and brewery which I will be looking out for.

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