Six Trees Brewing Co. Bitter Memories

Six Trees Brewing Co Bitter MemoriesSix Trees Brewing Co. is a new brewery in Somerset, the first beer from the bottles I have managed to pick up recently which I have decided to try is Bitter Memories, described as a classic best bitter.

I always like to try new breweries, there is something about the complete lack of expectation which means every little interesting detail of the beer is more pronounced. Even better when the brewery is local. Six Trees is a new one for me and I came across it purely by accident when looking for breweries in the local area (region) which I had not tried beers from, luck had it that discovering this brewery coincided with a visit to West Country Ales to buy a few beers and they had some in stock!

The nose has pine resins, and a grassy citrus mix. The initial taste is smooth rounded malts, slight sweetness and a little grapefruit, this opens up into a grapefruit citrus flavour with very little bitterness. Then tropical fruits, mango and a little orange, the end is smoothness as the fruit flavours fade to leave a spiciness on the palette.

Six Trees Brewing Co Bitter Memories front labelThe hopping on Six Trees Bitter Memories is a very interesting choice, Goldings and Motueka hops, this gives the strange combination of classic fruity spiciness from the Goldings combined with the tropical fruit flavours of Motueka. This could have been a total mess of a beer, but the smooth malts really carry the hop flavours well. That said the hops do seem a bit at odds with each other – but that makes for a more interesting beer. At 4.3%abv Six Trees Bitter Memories is more than interesting enough for it’s strength and it conforms to the best bitter style without being dull – an interesting take on the style with new world hops.

Six Trees Brewing Co Bitter Memories back labelIf Six Trees Bitter Memories is anything to go by then I look forward to the other beers I have brewed by them sitting in my beer collection, I would also be interested to see how this beer tastes on tap. It certainly hit the spot as a refreshing best bitter and I finished it at a speed which suggests I liked it, I will see how the other Six Trees beers taste in the coming weeks – it is quite likely that there is a fantastic beer somewhere in my selection.


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