Six Trees Brewing Co Hop Eights

six trees brewing co hop eightsSix Trees Brewing Co Hop Eights is the second beer from the Six Trees Brewing Company that I have been able to try, after the first I was looking forward to seeing if they could live up to the initial high standard which they had set.

Six Trees Brewing Co is a microbrewery in Somerset, it is reasonably local to me and so I have tried to find their beers to try them, the first was very impressive with it’s citrus mix of new world hop flavours as a take on the best bitter style. The bottle of Hop Eights I had did not have any other details than the beer name and percent ABV so I am not sure what style it is meant to be.

The nose is grassy hops and pine resins, right from the start this beer tastes strongly bitter, there is grapefruit, fruity raisins and orange in the middle and then more grapefruit and floral hoppyness on the end.

This beer is not quite as good as the other beer I have tried Bitter Memories by Six Trees Brewery but it is still very nice, the bitterness is not completely dominating – in fact it is almost palate cleansing at the beginning – a beer for those that don’t really like grapefruit bitterness but still would like to try it once in a while.

six trees brewing co hop eights front labelSix Trees Brewing Co is a brewery which I have high hopes for, Bitter Memories was superb and Hop Eights isn’t bad, the orange fruity middle is particularly interesting and works well with the bitter grapefruit. Balance is a difficult thing to achieve in a beer and so far Six Trees Brewing Co has shown that they can achieve this.

Six Trees Brewing Co beers are not the easiest of beers to find, but West County Ales in Cheddar has their beers bottled – so if you are putting in a beer order then it is well worth including one.

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