Stewart Brewing Coconut Porter – Beer of the Weekend

Stewart Brewing Coconut PorterStewart Brewing Coconut Porter is a beer which I stumbled upon almost by accident, reading the label I would never have guessed that this would impress me so much.

Flavoured beers are often interesting but far too removed from beer flavours to interest me, Stewart Brewing Coconut Porter however breaks this trend. Rather than drowning out or replacing the malt and hop flavours in the beer the coconut flavours are used to compliment them.

There is a hint of coconut on the nose accompanying the more regular scents of chocolate malts. The initial flavour is a rich malty coffee, this slides silkily into a roasted malt middle of chocolate. The end is slightly bitter but quite tame for a porter at this point the hints of coconut come through for a smooth chocolatey end.Stewart Brewing Coconut Porter front labelStewart Brewing Coconut Porter is nowhere near as loaded with coconut as I had thought it would be, but this really works. If you have ever had a “vanilla” porter then this is similar, the coconut is there but more in the smoothness than actual coconut blast or oil. The chocolatey flavours balance well with the coconut to create a smooth porter which should appeal to anyone who likes dark smooth beers.
As the popular chocolate bar Bounty proves, the combination of chocolate and coconut works well, if you like dark chocolate bounty bars then this might just be the beer for you. There is little sweetness but the chocolate flavours are very much present.Stewart Brewing Coconut Porter back labelI would recommend this beer to those that like porters and stouts and enjoy the chocolate and coffee flavours. This beer is ideal to be drank as an accompaniment to chocolate deserts or rich pies and stews, the smoothness and lack of overpowering flavours would really compliment these dishes.

Stewart Brewing Company is an Edinburgh based brewery, they produce a range of regular beers,some seasonals and specials. The Coconut Porter is a special beer and is only available bottled, it is available direct from the brewery website or regular on-line beer sites.

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