Stonehenge Ales Great Bustard

My local serves Stonehenge beers, so when I saw Great Bustard in bottles I just had to try one and was quite pleased with how it tasted.

I really like the beers which Stonehenge produces, they tend to have a good balance of malt and hops and as a big plus they can really brew a good standard bitter!

I would normally go for their golden beer Danish Dynamite if I was drinking a pint of Stonehenge Ale in my local, but as this is not available bottled I am happy to see that I can at least have another in the Stonehenge range when at home.

The nose is quite hoppy with hints of malt the initial taste is citrus and slightly astringent then maltiness and a slow mellow hop flavour begins, there is an after taste of black tea.

This is a classic bitter and a good example of the beers that Stonehenge produces, I think that if you like bitter beers then this is one worth trying, furthermore if you like this beer then you should try other Stonehenge Beers – I would highly recommend their beer Pigswill or if you are more into your gold beers then Danish Dynamite is good, however I would warn against an evening on the Dynamite as it is deceptive in strength and easy to overindulge in.

By no means the best beer I have ever had, but I would gladly reach for another as good bottled bitter can be hard to find, I will certainly be looking out for this on the tap to see how it tastes served that way.

If you want to find out more about the range of Stonehenge Ales or to find somewhere where you can try them then check out their website.


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