The Beer of the Weekend: Badger Golden Glory

This week’s Beer of the Weekend has been selected by a panel of tasters in our Seasonal Session 2012 it is Badger Golden Glory.

I must admit that Badger is not one of my favorite breweries, but this is perhaps unfair. Golden Glory is a very interesting beer, it has almost unparalleled levels of peach flavour which is quite impressive.

When I selected the beers for the spring Seasonal Session I chose this beer as it seemed quite interesting, the label attracted me and the write up on the back made it out to be worth a try – and it lived up to expectations. The beer is well made and evidently attracts people, nobody in the tasting panel said they disliked it which set it well above all of the others which at least split the panel on all accounts.

The first thing you notice about this beer when going to taste it is the smell, peaches are present throughout the taste and they hit you as you pour it. The first taste is biscuity with buckets of peach and citrus flavours this leads into a fruity middle, more light malt and a little hoppiness to finish.

Badger beers have a reputation for splitting opinion, some people really like them – this is evident as they are extensively stocked in supermarkets and sell in large numbers, whereas others really do not like them. Golden Glory seems to be attractive to most, although if you do not like peaches then you will be disappointed with this beer.

The Badger range is large, with most styles covered and I feel that I may have to re-visit them to see if my past assertion that I do not like Badger beer is really true or that I have found some which I did not like and was unlucky with my selections.

Badger beers are available nationwide in supermarkets and merchants, on the tap in the many Hall and Woodhouse pubs and bars or direct from the Badger Direct online shop. To find our more about Badger beer see their website here


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  • Deathhead

    This is not one I’ve tried, but other than Tangle Foot, Woodhouse beers tend to be below par.

    • Bubblematrix

       My experience too, but the panel liked it so I felt compelled to put it up as beer of the weekend, maybe it was the overwhelming peach flavour drowning the Badger taste which I would not normally enjoy