The Beer of the Weekend: Brewdog Punk IPA

This week’s beer of the weekend is Brewdog’s Punk IPA, excuse the pun but this really is a bitchingly good beer.

Sometimes you will come across a beer that really packs a punch, and all of Brewdog’s beers can be given that badge of honour. If you have never tried a Brewdog then be prepared for an experience.
Many know of Brewdog’s history of producing worlds strongest beers and the fight between them and Schorschbrau to own the title of ‘World’s Strongest Beer’, but Brewdog do make some regular beers – that said nothing coming out of this brewery could be considered normal.

But back to this week’s beer, Punk IPA is one of the regularly brewed beers from Brewdog, it is also easily avaiable unlike some of their rarer beers. In essence it is a heavily hopped IPA, as a crisp bottled beer this really is a fantastic beer.

The nose is very hoppy with a slight hint of citrus, the initial taste is crisp leading into a slightly citrusy middle with a little malt, this soon makes way for a lovely well hopped finish. A very easy to drink beer.

As Brewdog beers go, Punk IPA is fairly tame, not just in strength at 5.6%ABV but also in flavour, but Brewdog’s tame is another breweries over the top. Punk IPA is heavily hopped, this is not a beer for those who only like dark or malty beer. If you like your beer hoppy though, then this and most of the Brewdog range is for you.

A word of caution, Punk IPA is not a weak beer but the alcohol is not a big driver in the flavour, so it is very easy to drink, I found myself drinking this a little too quickly for the stength – at least it is in small bottles.

Brewdog pride themselves in making modern, rebellious beers, they break the established rules when possible and are known for taking on the challenge (this week in fact they took the thrown down gauntlet of Flying Dog brewery to brew an IPA using no hops!). Since stepping out of the arms race for world’s strongest beer, Brewdog have moved on to making some very interesting beers all of which pack a punch.

For those who have not heard of Brewdog before then this is a brewery worth looking at, based in Scotland all of their beers are powerful, usually a play on classic beer style with something to add extra edge. Expect beers that have been matured in whisky barrels, very high strength beers and triple or more hopped beers. They also make beer in a can!

Although Punk IPA is available through many highstreet supermarkets, if you are interested in trying some interesting beers then I would buy direct, the Brewdog online shop (recently revamped) has a selection of some of the most intense hoppy beers around – they don’t come cheap – but it is worth the experience to buy a few randoms to try. Sadly I have not yet had the oportunity to try Brewdog in any of the bars which they have opened, but if the bottled beers are anything to go by then the beers avaialble in the bars are likely to be superb, my only reservation being an evening on anything as strong as Brewdog.

More information on the whole range of Brewdog beers and the locations of Brewdog bars, plus the online shop can be found at their website

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  • Bob the Brit

    I confess I’m a Brewdog fanboy, I know that when I try a Brewdog brew I’m going to be getting something interesting. Not always enjoyable (I hated Tactical Nuclear Penguin) but they get it right more often than they get it wrong. 

    As for Punk IPA, there are always a few cans or bottles of this in my beer fridge, it’s one of my ‘go to’ beers. I love the intense hoppy hit you get, not subtle, but really refreshing. 

    • Bubblematrix

      I don’t think I have NOT had a Brewdog beer in the house for many many months now, I agree they aren’t all beers that I can say I like – but I have never had a boring one :)