Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout – Beer of the Weekend

This week’s Beer of the Weekend is a local one for me. Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout is a historic recipe re-brewed to perfection – a real rare treat.

For those of you who have never heard of a milk stout, it is a classic dark beer with milk sugar (lactose) added during the brewing process. This gives milk stouts a thick sweet and creamy consistency a world apart from the more smoky or peaty porters which most associate with dark beer. Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout lives up to this expectation and I would recommend this even to those who are not normally a fan of darker beers.

Before we delve into the taste it is I think important to mention the look of this beer, this is exactly what stouts should look like – it pours thick from the bottle and has a lovely dark froth to the head, any dark beer lover is going to be salivating at the sight of Milk Stout.
There is coffee on the nose and a hint of sweetness, the initial taste is a smooth coffee flavour, the sweetness of the milk sugars are present in the middle, the end is a smooth toffee like flavour, the mouthfeel is smooth and well balanced.I really like this beer, I have had it at several beer festivals before but from the bottle this beer is something above and beyond what I have previously tasted. I will be seeking this out in a pub to make a full comparison but suffice to say Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout is top notch bottled beer.

Sadly there aren’t many Milk Stouts around, I would dearly like to compare a few more, as styles go this is a very pleasant type of beer and I will be looking out for others to try. If you like dark beers then this is one for you, it is a good example of how deep coffee flavours can be worked into a beer without leaving any nasty tangy aftertastes or burnt flavours. I would especially recommend Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout to anyone who likes the Irish style stouts as the mouthfeel and texture of the beer is very similar but the flavours are much more pronounced.

Bristol beer factory has been brewing in Bristol since 2003 and Milk Stout won the CAMRA Champion Stout award in 2009 and Taste of the West Awards Gold in 2010, many of it’s other beers are making waves especially the bottle conditioned range. With a range of cask ales of various styles and an increasing number of bottled beers, Bristol Beer Factory certainly makes an impression and not only brews a reliable beer but also a brews exciting beers. For more information on their range of beers, where to buy them and the ever increasing number of awards they are gaining, check out the Bristol Beer Factory Website

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