The Beer of the Weekend: Fuller’s London Pride

This week’s beer of the weekend is Fuller’s London Pride, this beer is an absolute classic and loved by many, if you haven’t ever had this beer then I really insist that you buy it.

There are a few beers which people often quote as “my favourite beer” and although I would not go that far, I would definitely say that Fuller’s London Pride is a beer which I will gladly have a pint or few of. If presented with an unfamiliar beer selection, many a person will fall back onto London Pride – and not without reason.
It is rare to have a bad one in the pub and is readily available and very nice in bottles, it is very easy to see why such a reliable beer is favoured by so many. But is it a great beer?

I would argue that if a beer is as popular and as prolific as London Pride and furthermore that ale lovers will happily drink one then the beer has to be good. I know one could argue this point with many a mass produced beer, but I think the qualities of this beer appeal to the masses not only because they make the beer easy to drink, but also because they hit upon exactly the characters which beer lovers are looking for.

Onto the tasting, the malty caramel nose leads into a sweet toffee initial taste, the middle tastes are perfectly balanced, medium bodied and slightly sweet, the end taste is biscuity caramel with just the right amount of hops. This beer is both well rounded and thirst quenching. if you like your malt or your hops then Fuller’s London Pride is the right beer for you, it is exactly this universally appealing taste that makes the beer so popular

As with many things London orientated, Londoners will insist that Fuller’S London Pride is best in London. Now I have to say that as with all Fuller’s beers – they do taste particularly clean and flavoursome when in London, however, this beer is rarely anything but good outside of London and when I am tasting it in London I am there on a trip or a long weekend – meaning any beer is going to taste good!
This said, London Pride kept well really is an appealing beer, my advice (as with many a beer tasting anecdote) is to try it for yourself – try London Pride both in London and outside of the city and see if you can tell the difference.

As with most Fuller’s beers this can be enjoyed around the country on tap and is readily available in supermarkets in bottles, for more information on Fuller’s beers or to find a pub near you why not visit their website.

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