Joseph Holt Maplemoon – Beer of the Weekend

This week we review a beer for those with a sweet tooth especially those who like honey beer, Joseph Holt’s Maplemoon

This beer is a play on the classic honey beers, instead of sweetening with honey the beer uses canadian maple. A light beer with a slight red hue and not much head to speak of, if you like honey beer or sweet red beers then this is one for you.

Many people who would really like this beer unfortunately have never tried it, it seems odd as every honey beer around is festooned with beers, dripping honey and honey comb – this beer’s obvious maple tree only really becomes apparent once you know what the beer is, as such I think this is a real gem and definately one to suggest to friends who may not have discovered it.

Despite being fairly unusual this beer is very easy to acquire being available most of the time in Sainsbury’s (but not exclusively).

The nose on this one is a not very pronounced sweet beery smell, the initial taste is crisp and sweet. As the tingle of the bubbles fades to leave the sweetness there is a pleasant maltiness to the beer. The end notes are more sweet and malt with a little cascade hops to finish.

As with most sweet beers this is not to everyones tastes, but I would highly recommend it as worth trying. Substituting maple for honey gives a subtle but different beer, best enjoyed lightly chilled and with savoury food, my wife tried this with ice cream and the sweetness just didn’t work!

At 4.8% this beer is not too heavy and as sweet or honey beers go you would get away with having a few, I prefer it lightly chilled and often have this during the summer, however it is very much enjoyable all year round.

If you like this beer then I would recommend trying some of the other beers produced by Joseph Holt information on which can be read at their website.

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