The Beer of The Weekend: Wells Waggle Dance

This week we return to the sweeter beers, Wells Waggle Dance is a honey beer, a classic and a beer I regularly enjoy.

Certain beers bring fond memories, especially those you can recall from early on in your drinking life. For me Wells Waggle Dance is one of these, not only does my Father enjoy the beer but it was one I often had at university. That aside, this beer has a lovely character and will be enjoyed by most beer drinkers.

The nose is sweet with a hint of malt, initial palette cleansing light bubbles on the tongue gives way to a malty middle with a sweet thick honey flavour the end notes are an airy honey falvour with some slight floral hoppiness, sweetness but not too bitter.

Wells Waggle Dance is named after the “waggle dance” performed by bees, when they return to the hive, to indicate where the best nectar can be found.

I have had Waggle Dance on tap a few times and can say that it is a beer which I will readily return to. As with many honey beers it can be a bit deceptive in it’s strength (5%ABV) and is very easy to drink. Out of bottles I would usually lightly chill it (not too much or the flavours will be too locked in) and regularly enjoy this beer on an evening after a hard days work outside – it is a refreshing beer, much like many of the bottled golden beers.

As honey beer goes Waggle Dance is not the most sweet and does have an lingering end tasting of honey and hops – some will find this off putting. But this is a character of many honey beers and in some ways adds to the flavour. I would encourage people to at least try this beer as I rarely find anyone that really doesn’t like it.

Waggle Dance is very easy to find in bottles, most supermarkets stock it all year round. On the tap it is brewed seasonally and slightly weaker at 4%ABV, it is one to look out for and when served well is a very nice honey beer. If you like honey or sweet beers such as Joseph Holt’s Humdinger and Maplemoon then you are sure to like this beer. Otherwise it is certainly worth a try and I would highly recommend picking up a bottle to try.

More information on the Wells and Young’s Brewery can be found at their website and their beers are readily available in supermarkets and some online outlets

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