Thornbridge Jaipur – The Beer of the Weekend

Thornbridge JaipurThis week’s Beer of the Weekend is the multi award winning Thornbridge Jaipur.

With the number of awards which are given out to breweries it is easy to start ignoring them as easily obtained badges, however when a beer gains the weight of awards of the magnitude which Thornbridge Jaipur has then there is usually something to it – especially when the awards include a SIBA champion gold award amongst the host of “beer of the festival” awards given by the public.

I must admit I was a latecomer to Thornbridge Jaipur in it’s bottled form, I had tried it several times at festivals and it had ticked all the boxes, but to find that it was just as good when bottled – and what’s more readily available from a chain supermarket – was something I wish I had found sooner. I have in fact taken to buying all that are on the shelf when I visit the particular chain and have started to force this beer into the hands of friends – which is always a sign of a beer I really like.

Thornbridge Jaipur front labelThe nose is strong citrus with tropical fruit and a sweet maltyness, the initial taste is a sharp orangey citrus burst full of tingly bubbles this mellows into tropical fruits, mango, passion fruit and a bitter flavour with some grapefruit in the end nots this fades to a bitter astringent grapefruit after-taste which although drying has a refreshing quality.

Thornbridge Jaipur is an IPA in the truest form, it is a strongly hopped, strong beer. It will really appeal to the hopheads out there with its bitter yet fruity hoppyness. If you are looking for a balanced beer with a malty middle then maybe this not the beer for you, but it is not trying for this effect. This is a pure hope experience, not just bitter astringency or over the top grapefruit flavours but a full on fruit explosion in the mouth. If I had to take on the impossible task of describing what I really like about strong (5.9% in Jaipur’s case) then it would be easier to just say “try a Thornbridge Jaipur and you will see what I mean”.

Thornbridge Jaipur bottle back label

Unlike many strong hoppy IPAs, Thornbridge Jaipur is very smooth and easy to drink, perhaps even a little too easy. I would enjoy this one lightly chilled on an evening, either as part of a selection of strongly hopped beers or as a one off as a relaxing and refreshing beer.

If you want to find out more about the Thornbridge range of beers then check out their website or try their beers on tap nationally and in bottles from many on-line stores or supermarkets.

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