Wadworth Red White and Brew review

With the various celebrations this year in Britain, Wadworth have decided to brew a commemorative beer – Red White and Brew.
I was lucky enough to be on a Wadworth’s Brewery tour this week and had the opportunity to try Red White and Brew in the bar in their visitors centre along with the other Wadworth beers (including the fairly new Corvus Stout).
The beer has been brewed as a celebratory beer for the Olympics, Queen’s Jubilee and summer in general. It will be released in the summer and will be available in many Wadworth pubs.

Right from the start you can tell that the beer is well hopped, the nose is one of hops and fresh grassy smells. The initial taste is a smooth maltyness and an early taste of hops. This leads into a fully hopped middle with sweetness and a grapefruit and citrus end slightly astringent like orange peel.

I really like the way this beer has been hopped, I am informed that it is a blend of Citra, Cascade, Challenger and Bramling Cross. The way these hops balance is impressive, you get the nice grapefruit flavours (which is a favourite of mine) but not in an overpowering way, and unlike some other heavily hopped beers the other hop flavours manage to break through making the middle and end taste quite complex.

Red White and Brew will be one to look forward to in the summer months and will certainly be one for people to hunt out if outside of the Wadworth’s area. Even those that aren’t normally keen on Wadworth beer will find this one worth trying. A brief warning to those who do not like hop flavours – this might not be for you as the hopping is not timid. But for those (like me) who are mad about hop flavour and complexity then this is a sure win.

If you get the chance in the coming months then try this, I would be interested in other peoples opinions on this beer, personally I think it would be a good addition to the Wadworth range, but with the assumption that this will stay a one off year brew I will be making sure that take every opportunity this summer to drink Red White and Brew.

For further information on the beer either visit the Wadworth website or contact the visitor centre to attend a tour.

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