Wetherspoons Spring Real Ale Festival

The Wetherspoons Real Ale festival is here again with 50 ales over the weeks from 14th March to 1st of April.

The beers presented are from a wide range of breweries, and cover most styles. There should be something for most people and if you are adventurous in your tasting then more than one.

Particularly interesting are five foreign beers that are included, one each from the USA, South Africa, Norway, Belgium and Russia.
And several newly brewed or specially brewed beers just for the festival.

This is an ideal opportunity to go out and try a few new beers, especially with Weatherspoons’ offer of 1/3rd pints letting you get more different beers in for less money (or sobriety).

I fully intend to try as many of these as I can, and will give my verdict on a few. I would welcome your opinions on the beers, so please share your tasting experiences.
If you want to check out the tasting notes then they are available on the Weatherspoons site.

The festival runs in JD Wetherspoon pubs and Lloyd’s No.1 bars across the country from Wednesday 14th March to Sunday 1st April, the beers will be cycling so check regularly to make sure you don’t miss the beers you particularly want to try.

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