William Bros Brewing Co. March of the Penguins

I’ve not come across March of the Penguins before, but I know of William Bros Brewing Co. simply for the traditional heather ale that they make, Fraoch; not a beer that I enjoyed, although well brewed. March of the Penguins is the stout offering of this brewery, one of the larger Scottish breweries.

March of the Penguins pours well and has a very dark brown colour, but produces a thin, tan head, that quickly dissipates. Disappointingly, as I always think of stouts having a good long lasting head on them. There is little remarkable about the nose, as most stouts lack anything really distinctive in aroma. March of the Penguins smells of chocolate malt and coffee as is just about standard.

In taste, March of the Penguins has a good mouthfeel, if a just a little thin. The are big tastes of chocolate and coffee, with hints of wood smoke and citrus/grapefruit. Unfortunately, the beer is clearly force carbonated and that is rather strong in the taste also. I also found as I was drinking it, that I belched a lot.

All in all, not a bad beer, but let down by the carbonation taste and lack of head to me. One I would like to try in draught, but I suspect, that I will not be able to get it anywhere locally. Looks like a trip to Scotland, perhaps in the Glasgow area, will be required …

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