Worthington’s White Shield – Beer of the Weekend

worthington's white shield champion bottled beerWorthington’s White Shield is this week’s Beer of the Weekend, having featured a few more difficult to find beers for Beer of the Weekend we return to an old favourite and a prolific beer. Not just a bit easy to find but actually produced by the brewing giant Molson Coors.

Some of you will already be turned off by the name of Worthington’s and even more stopped reading at Molson Coors, but please don’t let your view of this beer be clouded by prejudice. The fact that Worthington’s White Shield has been in the top three Champion Bottled Beers of Britain 9 times (Champion Bottled Beer of Britain bronze this year 2012) should say something about its quality and especially it’s consistency.

But consistency isn’t everything, let’s face it most of Molson Coors beers have consistency, but many are simply consistent in how bad they are. But Worthington’s White Shield is in another class, this beer has been a go to favourite for literally generations of beer drinkers – and it has remained one of my favourites ever since I first tried it.

The nose is rich fruits, raisins and citrus hops. The initial flavour is rich fruits, plums raisins all wrapped up with a sweet caramel maltiness, then comes citrus and spicy hops to balance the malty sweet fruit. The delicious flavour of rich fruit cake is left in the mouth with hop spiciness overtones.

worthington's white shield champion bottled beer front labelFor those who like their brewing history, Worthington’s White Shield has gone through many names in it’s history as the brewery which produced it changed. The beer however is said to have stayed consistent and is a good representation of what the original Indian Pale Ales were like in the 1800′s being shipped to India. What is more the original beer was produced in Burton a historic home for great beers – so Worthington’s White Shield has a fine pedigree.

worthington's white shield champion bottled beer back labelWorthington’s White Shield is a reasonably strong ale at 5%abv but it belies it’s strength, easily sessionable on flavour but I am sure also easy to overdo. It is readily available in many good supermarkets and online – not surprising considering it’s current brewer. As a go-to beer it really does hit the mark and I would recommend it to both the well seasoned drinker and those on their first steps in finding their beers of choice.

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