Wychwood Forest Fruits

wychwood forest fruitsWychwood Forest Fruits is another fruit beer from Wychwood, having tried another fruit beer by Wychwood recently I thought I ought to give this one a try and see if it was as bad.

The trouble with adding things to beer for me it that I like the taste of beer, the balance and character of malt and hops is what attracts me to drink beer rather than wine, spirits or cocktails. However I am always open to trying new beers and knowing that Wychwood produce some fantastic bottled beer I decided to give Wychwood Forest Fruits a try.

The nose is heavily laden with fruit, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry – very very sweet smelling. The initial taste is sweet, this sweetness pervades through the whole flavour. Raspberry is the primary flavour, there is a little malt in the middle and the end has a slight hoppyness and bitterness but they are mostly hidden in the overpowering sweetness of the fruit.

wychwood forest fruits front labelI do have to compare Wychwood Forest Fruits to slightly beery cherryade, sadly the carbonation in it really re-inforces this flavour and once you have thought it you will find it hard to wipe from your taste buds. I will however draw a line between this and the other recent fruit beer produced by Wychwood – Wychwood Snake’s Bite, this beer isn’t completely disgusting. I have avoided fruit beer up to this point, so cannot pass comment comparing this to other fruit beers however if you are looking for a very fruity drink that has a slight hint of beer then this would tick that box.

wychwood forest fruits back labelUnlike Snake’s Bite I would probably recommend Wychwood Forest Fruits to those looking for a fruity drink, I did finish it but I don’t think I will be going back for another. Maybe I will try some other fruit beers and see what I think of the style in general.


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  • Death’s Head

    Fruit beers are usually made to hide a bad batch. With Wychwood, I hope this isn’t the case.

  • Andrew Barton

    This is without doubt the worst fruit beer I have ever tasted, I am so glad I only brought one bottle, I am now only throwing half a bottle down the sink. It is too sweet mildly fruity but with a horrible bad beer after taste, a truly awful beer.