Wychwood Ginger Beard

wychwood ginger beardWychwood Ginger Beard had me at the name, the bottle with an angry dwarf on it topped the name so I just had to try it, but will it break the mould of the last few Wychwood fruity beers I have tried?

After the epicly horrible Snake’s Bite and fruity to the point of not being beer any more of Forest Fruits I am really hoping that Wychwood Ginger Beard is much better. I have had some superb ginger ales, the original Crabbies (before it seemed to get loaded with sugar) and Beartown Ginger Bear to name two. I must say although there is hope, I am not optimistic.

The nose is sweet ginger, much like the non-alcoholic ginger beers. The initial taste is sweet and gingery, much like the other two the beer taste is thin. The ginger leaves a pleasant fiery gingery after-taste – but this is almost masked by the sugar sweetness. This beer is sweet!

So is Wychwood Ginger Beard any good?

To be honest I think it is horrible, again the beer flavour is completely lost, not in the ginger as one might expect but in the sweetness. This is like drinking cheap ginger beer with alcohol added, oh, and sugar added. I really don’t understand this beer, Wychwood are perfectly capable of brewing good beer and yet they make this horrible sugar water.wychwood ginger beard front labelI may have been a bit hopeful and naive to think that Wychwood Ginger Beard would have any of the flavours normally associated with beer such as malt or hops. If you are are after a sickly sweet ginger drink with some alcohol in it or cheap vodka and ginger beer is your thing then I suppose this might appeal, otherwise avoid it.

wychwood ginger beard back labelThis is definitely a ginger beer and not a ginger ale, which may be where I have become fooled. That or I had hoped that it might have some of the Wychwood ale characters with a hint of ginger, either way I will be avoiding this one in future and sticking to Wychcraft.

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