Wychwood Snake’s Bite

Seeing a new beer I will usually reach for it, Snake’s Bite by Wychwood was new so I decided to see how it tasted, sadly I wished I hadn’t.

For those not familiar with snakebite, the drink is usually a half and half mix of lager and cider. It is often served with black current cordial and it has a tendency to get people very drunk – and so has a reputation with students. For this reason many pubs will not serve it, although they tend to not stop you ordering the lager and cider and mixing your own.

Wychwood’s Snake’s Bite is an ale which has had cider apples added during brewing, this is to give it the flavour of snake bite but it remains a beer.

The smell is of fruity apples, the initial taste is far too sweet then a slight honey like flavour with an apple sour end. It is sickly and unpleasant, not really tasting much like beer at all.

This beer was tried with friends and I did get a few opinions on it, none gave a positive reaction to it  – even one person who had fond memories of snake bite and would gladly drink a real one. It even gave several people a slight feeling of indigestion and did not sit well with anyone. I must say that this is not a resounding show of support for this beer.

In it’s defence it does not claim to be anything more than it is and you should not expect much more Snake’s Bite’s description – I should ask myself “what were you expecting?” – however I would have like at least some attempt at putting beery flavours in a beer.

On the plus side the bottle label is interesting, as are all Wychwood beers, which goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a bottle by it’s label.

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  • Badger Lord

    I agree its not a good drink, I bought it expecting to have a more refined version of what I used to drink as a student and was disappointed! 10/10 for the idea, 1/10 for the execution. 

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  • Snakebitten…

    I agree – it’s disgusting! The only brew I’ve tasted from Wychwood that I haven’t liked. Hope it’s not a sign that they’re losing their touch? They can normally be relied on to produce outstanding tipples, but definitely not in this case!

  • Kathy48

    We love this drink/ we have been looking in every shop for it and no one has it. where do we go for it.

    • http://www.beerfortheweekend.com/ Bubblematrix

      Morrisons supermarket often have it in stock, I am not sure if it is a seasonal beer however

    • Lash

      I love it it’s refreshing great for summer drinking do not like this rubbish imported rubbish

  • inbredyokel

    This was so good that even now several days after having drank it…it still gives me a semi.

  • chris

    I have looked everywhere for this drink they used to sell it in Tesco but not this year. But they need too. It is very refreshing.